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  • We are utilizing the parking lot for pick up and drop off of students.
  • Please use the crosswalk to cross the street. Do not call for your children to cross the street by themselves as this is highly unsafe. They should cross the street always accompanied by an adult. 
  • Picking up by car - We are asking that if you are driving to pick up your student, please pull up along the gate at the front of the school by the office building. Stay in your car until your child comes over to you. Do not leave your car unattended. Staff will wave you forward.
  • Picking up by car – Students who are picked up by car will be at the office end of the parking  waiting along the fence.
  • Do not double park or drive around cars. Please wait in order to pull forward.       
  • Please remember to drive slowly when you are by the school.
  • Picking up on foot – Students who are picked up on foot will be waiting for parents at the front of the school by the buses.
  • All Kinder, 1st and 2nd  grade students will remain in their classrooms at dismissal and will only be released to appropriate guardian or older sibling.