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Contact Cesar Mora  Cesar Mora Principal
Office Staff
Contact Yolanda Carral  Yolanda Carral Staff
Contact Lucy Hiatt  Lucy Hiatt Staff
Contact Reyna Nuno  Reyna Nuno Staff
Health Office
Contact Marissa Allen  Marissa Allen Staff
Contact Rosemary Ramirez  Rosemary Ramirez Staff
Multi-Tiered System of Support (TOSA)
Contact Emily Sullivan  Emily Sullivan Teacher
School Psychologist
Contact Yecenia Covarrubias  Yecenia Covarrubias Staff
Speech Therapist
Contact Priscilla Escalante  Priscilla Escalante Staff
Contact Leah Hoyer  Leah Hoyer Staff
Contact Michelle Tapia  Michelle Tapia (760) 901-7000 ex: 7008 Staff
Contact Cesar Lopez  Cesar Lopez Staff
Contact Allen Smith  Allen Smith Staff
Cafeteria Staff
Contact Lisa Avalos  Lisa Avalos Staff
Contact Araceli De Albanez  Araceli De Albanez Staff
Contact Maretta Lane  Maretta Lane Staff
Special Education
Contact Regina Armstrong  Regina Armstrong Staff
Contact Angelica Carlson  Angelica Carlson Staff
Contact Rosa Casarez  Rosa Casarez Staff
Contact Micaela Coleman  Micaela Coleman Staff
Contact Tammy Finlan Garcia  Tammy Finlan Garcia Staff
Contact Stephanie Hall  Stephanie Hall Teacher
Contact Jewel Langan  Jewel Langan Teacher
Contact Betsy Orozco  Betsy Orozco Teacher
Contact Claudia Romero  Claudia Romero Staff
Contact Joseph Worth  Joseph Worth Staff
Contact Ana Zeledon  Ana Zeledon Teacher
Kindergarten Teachers
Contact Becky Doyle  Becky Doyle Teacher
Contact Shane Farrell  Shane Farrell Teacher
Contact Bridget Henchy  Bridget Henchy Teacher
Contact Rebecca McCluskey  Rebecca McCluskey Teacher
First Grade Teachers
Contact Mrs. Crouthamel  Mrs. Crouthamel Teacher
Contact Marilu Gonzalez  Marilu Gonzalez Teacher
Contact Kimberly Moore  Kimberly Moore Teacher
Contact Yesenia Ruiz  Yesenia Ruiz Teacher
Second Grade Teachers
Contact April Cohen  April Cohen Teacher
Contact Jean Costello Roche  Jean Costello Roche Teacher
Contact Rebecca Miceli  Rebecca Miceli Teacher
Third Grade Teachers
Contact Cappie Brooks  Cappie Brooks Teacher
Contact Griselda Carrasco  Griselda Carrasco Teacher
Contact Letty Garcia  Letty Garcia (760) 901-7000 Teacher
Fourth Grade Teachers
Contact Claudine Anderson  Claudine Anderson (760) 901-7031 Teacher
Contact Avelina Apolinar  Avelina Apolinar (760) 901-7028 Teacher
Contact Martha Marquardt  Martha Marquardt Teacher
Fifth Grade Teachers
Contact Jeff Furqueron  Jeff Furqueron Teacher
Contact Lori Sojourner  Lori Sojourner Teacher
Music Teacher
Contact Jeannie Choi  Jeannie Choi Teacher
Physical Education Teacher
Contact Danielle Littleton  Danielle Littleton Teacher
Contact Marriana Moramarco  Marriana Moramarco Staff
Noon Duty- Playground Supervisors
Contact Teresa Bowers  Teresa Bowers Staff
Contact Maria Cantillo  Maria Cantillo Staff
Contact Patricia Cantillo  Patricia Cantillo Staff
Contact Sonia Cantillo  Sonia Cantillo Staff
Contact Inocencia Flores  Inocencia Flores Staff
Contact Aracely Murillo  Aracely Murillo Staff
Contact Micaela Sainz  Micaela Sainz Staff