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OUSD Announces 2019 Certificated Employees of the Year
Posted 3/11/19

Oceanside Unified School District is pleased to announce the 2019 Certificated Employees of the Year. Teresa Flanagan at Palmquist Elementary and Cheryl White at Nichols Elementary School.


Teresa Flanagan:

Teresa Flanagan, 2019 Certificated Employee of the YearTeresa Flanagan (middle in photo), is a Transitional Kindergarten teacher at Palmquist Elementary School and has worked for Oceanside Unified School District (OUSD) for 19 years. Teresa is a passionate and dedicated teacher and works to provide an environment where students receive the support they need to succeed and thrive.

“Teresa is an incredible teacher who is able to connect with parents, students, and staff. She is always approachable, happy, warm, and caring. Teresa has a gift for seeing the big picture and uses her skills to bring this picture to life in and out of the classroom.” Said, Principal Mandy Bell of Palmquist Elementary School.

Teresa cares deeply about her students. She believes that each and every child, regardless of race, special needs, or gender has value and something to contribute to the classroom. She is passionate about their social-emotional growth and well being as well as early childhood education. Her passion and dedication empowers everyone in her classroom community.



Cheryl White:

Cheryl White 2019 Certificated Employee of the YearCheryl White (middle in photo), is a third grade teacher at Nichols Elementary and has worked for OUSD for 24 years. Cheryl believes that each student has special gifts and she fosters a learning environment that allows for students to find that passion knowing  that each day something good will happen.


Principal at Nichols Elementary, Robert Flaherty had this to say, “Cheryl is dedicated, caring, and committed to her profession. Every day she makes a positive impact and a difference with her students. Cheryl is truly a vital part of the Nichols community and I am proud to work with such a talented and fabulous teacher!”

Cheryl has a deep knowledge about curriculum, classroom management, and best practices and she is a school leader on campus. Cheryl can easily handle any situation with competent and effective leadership. She collaborates with her team, support staff, and special education teachers to make sure that the wide range of needs in her classroom are met. Cheryl finds many rewards in teaching and loves that moment you see a student grasp a concept.  


Teresa and Cheryl will be recognized at our Regular Board Meeting scheduled for April 16, 2019, at 6:00 PM in our district boardroom located at 2111 Mission Avenue, Oceanside, CA 92058